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About LAMP

About LAMP

What is LAMP?

The Louisiana Asset Management Pool (LAMP) combines the efficiency of private enterprise with the protection of public policy. It enables local officials to pool and collectively invest funds to benefit from competitive yields, lower fees and the same level of investment management otherwise available only to large institutional investors.

The fund is operated by a non-profit corporation, LAMP, Inc., whose officers include the President, normally the Treasurer of the State of Louisiana, a Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Administrative Officer, charged with day-to-day operations of the program.

LAMP operates under Louisiana law as a cooperative endeavor to assist local Louisiana governmental entities in the investment of cash balances.

LAMP’s Objectives

LAMP’s primary objectives are three:

  • Preservation of principal: The primary goal of the fund is to maintain a stable net asset value. LAMP has consistently earned a rating of AAAm from Standard & Poor’s, the highest rating available to LAMP.
  • Daily liquidity: LAMP offers same-day access to funds under management by toll-free phone, fax or online through the Participant Portal with no transaction fees.
  • Competitive yield: By pooling funds, LAMP’s participants enjoy the level of professional money management otherwise available only to large institutional investors. This generally results in higher yields and lower management fees.

LAMP’s Benefits

As a cooperative venture, LAMP is able to provide participants with a range of benefits that would be difficult to achieve individually. Some of these include:

  • Professional money management: The LAMP pool is large enough to attract the attention and service of the very best investment managers in the country. As a result, LAMP generates an attractive yield and a low expense ratio to its participants.
  • Administrative efficiency: LAMP operates extremely efficiently, keeping staff and overhead to a minimum while maintaining responsive service. LAMP participants have 24-hour access to account information, performance and yields by means of the Internet or the toll-free LAMPline at 1-800-272-8162.
  • Responsive reporting: LAMP participants enjoy the benefits of the Participant Portal for immediate, fully secured access to their accounts. The Participant Portal provides a variety of reports to LAMP participants.
  • Voting rights and governance: LAMP participants maintain direct oversight control of the pool by annually electing a board of directors from among the participants themselves.

To review LAMP’s Annual Report or Standard and Poor’s rating of LAMP, click on the following PDF files.

Past LAMP Annual Reports