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2019 LAMP Annual Meeting
Shreveport, LA

October 25th
Shreveport Convention Center


LAMP Rates as of
October 22, 2019

Daily Rate:1.95%
Average 7-day Yield:1.96%
Average 30-day Yield:1.98%
Weighted Average
Maturity (To Reset):
Weighted Average
Maturity (To Final):

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LAMP is an easy, safe and prudent cash management tool, specifically designed for local governments in Louisiana. See how LAMP can make a difference for your public entity today!

John M. Schroder, Sr., LAMP, Inc. President, Louisiana State Treasurer

For additional details regarding LAMP, please explore our website further and contact us if you have questions. You’ll find a thorough overview of LAMP, including current rate of return, program benefits, an application for getting started as well as other helpful information and resources.

2018 LAMP Annual Meeting Presentations:

LAMP INVESTMENT ADVISOR’S REPORT – Portfolio Overview, including performance and review of LAMP investments by Sam Silver, Chief Fixed Income Office, American Beacon Advisors, Inc.

2017 PERFORMANCE REVIEW by Hal Tabb, First Vice President – UBS Institutional Consulting Group.

2018 GENERAL OVERVIEW LAMP AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT INVESTMENT POOLS by Guyna G. Johnson, Director, Financial Institutions Department – Standard & Poor’s Global Funds Rating Group.


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Upcoming Events

LAMP Annual Report

Annual Report