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Louisiana Asset Management Pool

Opening your LAMP account is simple!

Download the application form and either mail or fax the completed, signed form to:

  • LAMP, Inc.
  • 228 St. Charles Avenue
  • Suite 1123
  • New Orleans, LA. 70130
  • 1-877-806-5161 fax

If you want to simultaneously set up a series of LAMP operating accounts, rather than accumulating your investment in a single account, simply supply account registration information and transfer instructions individually for each additional account in the space provided on the form.

These procedures apply to setting up not only your initial LAMP account, but also any subsequent accounts you may wish to establish.

You will be provided your LAMP account number(s) as soon as your application has been processed. | Phone: 504-525-LAMP or 800-249-LAMP | Fax: 504-525-5161 or 877-806-5161